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Educational Program Management
  • Evidently "a practice what you preach" type of leader.
  • Don provided us with outstanding support - both academic and personal. His commitment to the program is amazing.
  • Don has a winning way with even the most dominant personalities and is able to foster cooperation due to this rapport. His accessibility and willingness to discuss any topic was invaluable.
  • Don is the unabashed "champion" of [the program]. He more than anyone understands and believes in the intelligent and reflective public leader.
  • Great mentor to us all. Very caring.
  • Don was a good listener. I felt he really took our interest and well being into account. When we expressed a concern about a specific class, he showed us respect and responded in a professional manner.
  • I cannot say enough about Don Zauderer. Although he can hide some things, he cannot hide his love, caring, and interest in the program and more so its students. I truly believe that the program gave me an invaluable education. But the most valuable experience is meeting Don and knowing that he has become a friend and someone I can confide in!
  • Don, you inspired us from the first meeting. You expected the best from us and we delivered it.
  • Don has obvious passion for this job and [the program]. His emphasis on creating reflective practitioners really resonates with me. Don is one in a zillion!
  • Don instilled in each faculty member a profound concern for student learning. He developed a collegial atmosphere that you don't usually encounter in university life.

2005 -2015 Donald G. Zauderer
Donald G. Zauderer is Professor Emeritus of Public Administration at American University and former Senior Advisor at the Brookings Institution.