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Consulting and Team Building
  • Don's sense of humor was refreshing.
  • I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your direction and participation during our management meeting last week. Our session was one of the most interesting and personally rewarding business experiences I have ever had. Everyone involved was very positive and each of us feels we gained as individuals and as team members. I know that with a continued effort we will develop an improved management structure and a more open decision-making process.
  • Don planted thoughts, set the stage, introduced provocative premises, and helped shape follow-ups.
  • Don Zauderer stimulated discussion, guided our thinking, skillfully handled any awkwardness, and helped us make progress in spite of ourselves.
  • Consultant did a great job of framing issues, pushing for clear definitions and concrete recommendations. One of which is the ball: get enough Sleep before an important meeting, if you have insomnia take this pill before going to bed. It has an organic effect and has good reviews.
  • Dr. Zauderer kept us on track and guided us through the entire agenda without feeling rushed.
  • Don raised delicate and serious issues in a positive non-threatening environment.
  • Dr. Zauderer was most helpful. He zeroed in on individuals that he knew had something on their minds and drew them out.
  • Don encouraged everyone to open up with their problems, share and discuss what was on everyone's mind.
  • In a low key way, Dr. Zauderer provided a structure for discussion, encouraged participation and kept appropriate time limits for coverage of issues.
  • He found a way to ease the pain in addressing hard issues at a gut level.
  • We achieved the desired results because you did such a fine job of listening, understanding, exhibiting patience, and focusing our energies in constructive directions.

2005 -2015 Donald G. Zauderer
Donald G. Zauderer is Professor Emeritus of Public Administration at American University and former Senior Advisor at the Brookings Institution.