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Let’s Get Political: Employing Influence Tactics with Integrity
  • Dr. Zauderer presented a complex social challenge in the most understandable and helpful way. His wisdom and humor are very engaging. This was a great topic.
  • I enjoyed Dr. Zauderer’s workshop and learned so much from  him.  I am more  aware of the politics in the workplace and am ready to face  them but still maintain my integrity and quality of work.  
  • Dr. Zauderer was wonderful! The topic was timely and well presented.  I walked away with new tools to try in my political environment  
  • Dr. Zauderer is a very engaging speaker.  The assembled class was also very impressive.  Lots of smart and thoughtful attendees who helped make the session rich and engaging.  
  • Dr. Zauderert as a remarkable way of presenting content while creating a professional learning community. Loved it!  
  • 100 % rated the speaker and course as very satisfied or extremely satisfied.

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2005 -2015 Donald G. Zauderer
Donald G. Zauderer is Professor Emeritus of Public Administration at American University and former Senior Advisor at the Brookings Institution.