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The Extraordinary Leader: Qualities, Competencies and Values
This leadership course provides participants with the skills, theory-based knowledge, and self-awareness to generate high levels of motivation and commitment from staff. The course focuses on three essential executive roles: coaching, strategic leadership, and political brokering. Leaders serving in the role of coach skillfully observe staff and provide guidance on performance improvement and career development. As a strategic leader, he/she creates a vision that enhances organization effectiveness and customer service. The strategic leader also builds a strong culture and establishes an environment of integrity and respect. In the role of political broker, the leader advocates, protects, and promotes unit effectiveness by building credibility with boss(es), associates, and key external actors.
These topics and others will be explored in a highly interactive format that emphasizes dialogue and reflective thinking. Participants will be engaged in facilitated discussion based on short readings, group exercises, and case analyses.
Key Topics
  • Learn how emotional intelligence can enhance executive performance.
  • Assess your personal style of leadership and how it might be strengthened.
  • Explore how your character and integrity impact staff performance and organization effectiveness.
  • Discover how to establish organizational strategy and mobilize staff commitment.
  • Learn how to coach for improved performance and enhanced career development.
  • Learn how to assess the changing political environment and establish credibility and influence with superiors and other key actors and authorizing agents.
Managers, supervisors, team leaders, career interns, professional staff, and those considering advancing to a supervisory position.
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2005 -2015 Donald G. Zauderer
Donald G. Zauderer is Professor Emeritus of Public Administration at American University and former Senior Advisor at the Brookings Institution.